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México encabeza los 10 países de Latinoamérica que se benefician más de la industria turística, según esta nota del WEF

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Nuevo Volumen XVII del Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional del IIJ-UNAM

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Para los interesados en "la conexión rusa": The definitive scandal guide

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The New York Times is going to start running its reporters’ tweets inside the newspaper

Some of the New York Times’ best stuff doesn’t appear in the New York Times. It’s on Twitter, via posts from New York Times reporters. Now the New York Times is doing something about that. Not by clamping down on its reporters’ tweets, but by bringing those tweets into the New York Times. Leer más

Hate against transgender students is un-American. WH/DOJ sanctioned discrimination sends us back 2 the dark ages-this is 2017: Kevin de Leόn
7 Types of Friends You Need to Break Up With

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El 13 de febrero se celebra el Día Nacional del Águila Real
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Crucial thing is not to normalize, to give America's better self time to reassert. That's why this matters

2 Experts: What’s Next For Peso In Mexico Rate War

By Dimitra DeFotis Mexico’s bold, 50-basis-point interest rate hike Thursday symbolizes an unofficial war in support of the beleaguered peso, Aberdeen Asset Management says. The peso is strengthening on today’s news that the Central Bank of Mexico raised its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points, on top of a 50-point rise in November. Mexican equities were lower, however, with the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped exchange-traded fund (EWW) down fractionally while the iShares Latin America 40 ETF (ILF) was up 0.4%.

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Traveing through both space and time with music!

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¿Qué tanto sabes del Muro de Berlín?

Liberty… de U2

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Investigating Central American Migration and the U.S.-Mexico Border 

This Monday, The Texas Tribune's Bordering on Insecurity series returns with an examination of the despair, poverty and violence driving tens of thousands of Central Americans to flee to the United States. These migrants, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, are pouring across the southern U.S. border even as crossings by Mexicans have declined. To explain this dramatic shift in the dynamics of the nation's border security, our reporters will take readers to El Salvador, the murder capital of the world, where organized and well-armed gangs have brought the country to its knees. We'll visit an El Salvador morgue for a stark lesson in why people are fleeing the country — and what happens to some who don't. We'll talk to a newspaper editor who faced possible criminal charges for publishing a list of areas under control by rival gangs. We"ll take you to migrant shelters in Mexico to listen to Central Americans making their way north in search of safety and asylum.

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El Corrido de Hillary Clinton-Vicente Fernández 

I will miss Shimon Peres, my brilliant and eloquent friend. His life was a blessing to all who strive for peace

Bill Clinton

Canada to lift visa requirements for Mexico

The Government of Canada has made it a top priority to re-establish and strengthen our relationship with one of our most important partners, Mexico. To this end, Prime Minister Trudeau today announced Canada’s intention to lift the visa requirement for Mexican visitors to Canada beginning December 1, 2016. Lifting the visa requirement will deepen ties between Canada and Mexico and will increase the flow of travellers, ideas, and businesses between both countries.

Were dinosaurs victims of climate change?

La comunidad extranjera en Estados Unidos es tan fuerte que el 40% de las Fortune 500 son fundadas por migrantes con más de 1,700 mdd al año: Vicente Fox

Antonio Villaraigosa, exalcalde de Los Ángeles, lanzó una campaña en la que invita a construir puentes, no muros

Christine Lagarde: Women need ‘skin as thick as a crocodile’ to make it to top


A new podcast explores how France is unwisely giving up its liberty for security after the November attacks


Brief Intervention Can Stop Playground Bully Behavior

A new study suggest early bullying behavior — that which happens among children as young as three to five years-old — can be significantly reduced with a relatively short intervention program.
University of Buffalo (UB) researchers explain that physical and relational bullying can happen in early childhood. Their intervention, explained in a special edition of the journal School Psychology Review, is one of the first to examine and identify multiple types of bullying behavior in early youth.

Bridge Inaugurated binational airport "Las Californias" 

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Why the government is wrong to refuse an amnesty for illegal immigrantsread more
Fraud in the Auto Industry


The blatant fraud of Volkswagen’s emissions was disclosed just a few weeks ago. Now it appears that virtually the entire automobile industry is compromised. The “cozy” relationship between those designing cars and those testing them, as The New York Times put it, demands a bigger and better explanation than the desire of any one company to beat its rivals.

According to a researcher for the International Council on Clean Transportation, responsible for overseeing the testing of emissions: “There is a financial dependency between the technical services and manufacturers that at some point should be rethought to improve the confidence in the system.” But why wasn’t that recognized from the start?


The U.S. & Mexico work together to enhance trade security thru the Cargo Pre-Inspection Program

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¿Sabías que hay más de 5.5 millones de refugiados de Palestina?


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