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      La revista electrónica de Los Cabos

Entrevista Johannes Moser. Hello desde México

Por: Sandra Ricco

“Mi sueño ideal es hacer mi música”


Johannes es un brillante cellista de origen canadiense- alemán, quién disfruta de hacer turismo cuando viaja alrededor del mundo compartiendo su arte con el que nos hace soñar dentro de un espacio lleno de color.

Durante su reciente visita a México disfrutamos de la obra de Bach mientras le pregunte sobre su vida.

Esto fue lo que me enseño:

What is your favorite moment of the day?


I love the quiet beautiful expectation of early mornings 


Do you like the Star Wars saga?


I do love episodes 4-6. Episodes 1-3…. not so much!



What´s your typical  workout routine?


I always change my workout, that is the healthiest. No routine! I run, swim, do yoga, weights…. always different.



What songs pump you up?


I love so much music… but especially jazz and rock. Besides my classical music of course.



How do you enjoy your travels around the world?  like a Plan?


I love traveling, however it is becoming more and more difficult. Security is really a concern.


Can you pick favorite  over Mexico?


I love Mexico City, but also had a fantastic time in Guadalajara. 


Humans have always been collectors. Why do you think that is?


Ohhhhhh I dont know. I love to throw things away!!


What was your first  car?


 I never had a car.


What´s your favorite meal?


Tacos al pastor


Where are you favorite places to reflexion?


Maldives, and any kind of woods and mountains


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Who is your ideal dream over felicity?


When I am on stage making my music. Very real dream


How would you like to die?


Exploding in a fireball while riding on a dragon into the sun through the universe….



What is your favorite perfume?


Eau d’Issey


A favorite moment in Mexico?


Going to my favorite Taqueria 


Which its your favorite music after classical time


Miles Davis Jazz of the 1970s



You are in love?





What other artistic disciplines do you enjoy besides music


Photography, Poetry, any kind of contemporary art, dance, theater…


Wine or  tequila?





Many greetings!!!