La revista electrónica de Los Cabos
      La revista electrónica de Los Cabos


Por: Sandra Ricco

The pictorial expressions of the first inhabitants that lived in the middle of the Baja California peninsula are so vast that we can only talk about one route of the rupestrian art (cave paintings) at a time. When embarking on this surpirising and original adventure between the two seas, it is an axcursion that allows us to know and enjoy a Rich and inigmatic pictorial tradition. Nowadays, exploring the sea of Gofo Californi. La sierra and the desert is much accessible. ¡So, enjoy this other facet of Baja California Sur!

Know by many for its unknow, remote and mysterious land, the geography that makes up the landscape of this extraordinary region of the country was considered dan inaccessible arid zone up until a short time ago. Today, thanks to professional guides, it is possible to discover this part of our culture.

It is called remote because it was considered an island for many years. It is a mythological land with the most isolated scenery and surrounding in the earth. However, as incredible as it may seem, a large quality of human settlements was established along the coastline and it the mountains of this region. Many years ago, during the Pleistocene era, small groups of hunters inhabited this land but it was practically unknown until the Jesuit missionaries arrived at the end of the 1700´s.

It is necessary to know how the explore and how to camp because the route where you can admire these silent historical vestiges is very long. Silhouettes of enormous and strange begins are protected on the walls of the rocks, It is presumed that they were sorcerers because of the symbols seen in the paintings, They say that the sorcerers are still guarding these places.

These are routes that let you see the personality of the creators. They are images represented in magnificent Works of art mysteriously conserved by nature and hidden amongst lens, rivers, and forests. They show enormous drawings of landscapes family outlined in intense colors. In These marvelous natural surroundings, you encounter one of the most outstanding archaeological findings. This Rupestrian art which extends throughout the mountain ranges of the peninsula is authentic to the region.

This tradition Rupert Ian arts is eloquently integrated into the landscapes giving it a unique meaning. It is clearing shows the constant pilgrimage of the people that created it and that gave the desert f Baja California live in the past.

One of the most valuable assets of the region, if not the most valuable, is its natural surroundings that are majestically displayed everywhere you go. It is a space in the universe where rupestrian art represents an important function in the life of the nomad communities: a means of communication with the Word through the centuries, these expressions reached monumental dimensions in la Sierra de San Borja, Guadalupe, and San Francisco. “El Gran Mural” (the great mural), considered by experts as being one of the greatest rock paintings in the word, is in the middle of rocky canyons and magnificent mountains. It is extraordinary experience to enjoy these natural paintings of human and animals’ figures painted mainly in black, red, yellow, and Brown. According to other experts, this art based on various styles, is located is Campo Monte, Trinidad, San Borjita and Sierra de San Francisco. Rupestrian sites can be viewed through different expeditions carried.

Out in the archaeological zones. To avoid damage to the natural areas and they ecological reserves, they follow a system that controls the number of tourists that visit the area. One of the most extraordinary routes is located at the San Pablo stream in Santa Teresa. There you can find done of the most impressive paintings called “Cueva pintada” (painted cave).

There are also a group of caves, called “el parral”, where the cave of the serpent is located “el gran mural” is a group of rupestrian paintings that show the gratness of our ancestral art.

Leaving Mulegé, you can begin a great expedition thats end up at the San Borjita cave. It was discovered in the 50´s and is one of the few that has been kept form human destruction. Bja California Sur is extraordinary place on the earth thath allows man to invade its sea and its desert. It opens the way for inmense possibilites because of its climate, geography and people. It is a place thath choses its residents.

Perhaps that is why it continues to be a unknow Paradise that is mysteriously sonserved.